Sunday, June 3, 2012

A peek at Hotel Kang-la

I have talked about why should you be choosing Hotel Kang-la for your Leh trip earlier but thought it might be a better idea to give you a peek at the hotel and let you decide for yourself.

As soon as you enter the hotel

The cosy room that awaits you - home away from home

You can also opt to choose a room with an LCD

In case you want the best view of the lovely scenery around, you can always head to the terrace

The hotel as seen from the top

And that's me, your host

Like what you see? I would love to have you over in Leh and make sure you have memories to last a lifetime. Give me a call at +91 94191 78623 or email me at to book your stay right away. Leh awaits you! :)